Agency Locations

Southeast, Inc. Administrative Offices — Main Location

Administrative Offices, SMD Programs & Apothecare Pharmacy

16 West Long Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215



8am – 5pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

8am – 7pm Tuesday

Main Phone

(614) 225–0990

Main Fax

(614) 225–0988

Administration Phone

(614) 225–0980

Administration Fax

(614) 225–0986

Urgent Care TTY

(614) 241–5027

Medical Records Fax:

(614) 225–0991

Urgent Care Fax:

(614) 241–5022

Human Resources Fax:

(614) 241–5021

Apothecare Pharmacy Phone

(614) 228–4476

Apothecare Fax

(614) 228–4479


(614) 744–8115


Main Email & General Information


Bill Lee


Steve Atwood

CFO, Privacy Officer

Amy Creith

Training & Recruitment Coordinator

Pete Davis

Director of Information Technology

Janice Dyer

Operations Manager

Amanda Gloeckner

Billing & Medical Records

Charlie Hickman

Controller and Director of Finance

Keith McCormish

Grants Manager

Melissa Miller

Director of Human Resources

Myken Pullins

Exec. Asst & Public Affairs Coordinator

Melissa Powers

Clinical Director

Sandy Stephenson

Director of Integrated Healthcare

Wendy Williams

Chief Compliance Officer

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General Contact Information

(614)225–0980 — phone

(614)225–0986 — fax


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Adult and Family, Older Adult, and AOD

1455 South Fourth Street

Columbus, Ohio 43207

(614)444–0800 — voice

(614)444–1036 — fax

(614)449–5522 — Medical Records fax


Beth Lutz — Clinical Director


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Southeast, Inc. — Belmont, Harrison, & Monroe Counties

68353 Bannock Road

St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

740–695–9344 — voice

740–695–7787 — fax



8:30am–5:00pm M, Th, F

8:30am–9:00pm T, W


Karen Barger-Mercer — Clinical Director


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Southeast, Inc. — Carroll County

783 Jones Avenue

Carrollton, OH 44615

(330)627–3954 — voice

(330)627–3984 — fax


Beth Powell — Clinical Director


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Southeast, Inc. — Friends of the Homeless Administration

924 E. Main Street

Columbus, OH 43205

(614)360–0251 — voice

(614)253–7341 — fax



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Southeast, Inc. — Tuscarawas County

344 West High Ave

New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

(330)339–7850 — voice

(330)339–7844 — fax



8am–4:30pm M–F


Beth Powell — Clinical Director


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Project Work

1705 South High St.

Columbus, Ohio 43207

(614)445–8441 — voice

(614)445–3369 — fax


Richard Gilmore — Program Manager


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Residential Facilities

Southeast recognizes client confidentiality and therefore is unable to post these addresses. For information on these facilities please contact the Office of the CEO.


Residential Sites Include:

Carpenter House — Columbus, OH

Redmond House — Columbus, OH

Four Oaks Group Home — St. Clairsville, OH


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Board of Directors

Matthew Hoyt, J.D.


Tony Weaver

Vice President

Sally Boysen, Ph.D.


Marilyn Pramschufer


Rev. Tony Burns

Dr. Don Eskew

Mark Freeman

Eileen M. Goodman, NCIDQ

Patrick Halaiko

Kate Hamilton

Anthony Holloway

Patrick Knott

David Lane

Susan Lewis

Kori Manus

Dr. Chris Ray

Penny Tipps

Tim Wheat

David Whitcomb

Keith Williams

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