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Fresh A.I.R. Gallery exhibits the works of individuals affected by mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. Through art, we educate the community and work to break down stigma of mental illness and substance abuse disorders by bringing focus to the artistic vision. Fresh A.I.R. Gallery opened its doors in September of 2004 to celebrate Southeastís 25 year anniversary and typically sponsors between five and eight exhibits a year. Fresh A.I.R. Gallery is a project of Southeast Healthcare.











Current Exhibition


Fresh A.I.R. Gallery presents

Illness is an Illusion
Artwork by Samuel Gilis

May 14 – August 1, 2014


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Fresh A.I.R. Gallery (Artists in Recovery) presents Illness is an Illusion, works by Samuel Gillis. Gillis is a classically trained artist whose work has been featured in museums and exhibitions including the National Museum of Mexican Art, John G. Shedd Aquarium and River East Art Center. Gillis is based out of Chicago and now resides in Indiana. Sam’s paintings are part of international collections in Spain, Italy, New York, Guatemala and San Francisco. Gillis’ work can be found on his website at


Gillis states “When I was 22 I had a drug induced psychotic break. Reality stopped having any meaning and for a few days there, I felt like everything I’d been experiencing in my life until that moment suddenly came rushing out in vividly artistic psychedelic animations. When I sank back into consciousness, I was surprised to find out my “real” world no longer existed. I had to rebuild. From scratch. So I made a painting. And then another one. And another one. And slowly but surely, a new world emerged.”

Samuel Gillis is a very prolific artist. “I create on anything I can find. Cardboard, canvas, doors. If there’s paint and something to paint on I create. Often, I don’t even use a brush. I’ll grab a business card or a popsicle stick and get to painting. My goal as an artist is to create without judgment and let everyone see whatever they see in my work. Because art, like life, is just a matter of perception.”


Opening Reception:
Wednesday May 14, 2014
5:30pm - 7:00pm

131 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
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